| Final project: E/S/D, Madrid School of Design

| Published: 2012

| Tasks: Data Visualisation, Information Design and Web Development

This project consists of a website with the main idea of sharing knowledge about the history of typefaces. The intention is to make it accessible to as many people and to as many corners of the world as possible. This information receives professional input, starting with the investigation, then displaying it objectively and with informative clarity. The contents are generated collaboratively, by those members of the public who feel the urge to share and distribute their knowledge, presenting the information to the public openly and for free. The purpose of developing this project is to provide a source of information for those developing typographic projects, whether they may be type designers, graphic designers, schools, teachers, students, etc.

From the website we can learn a variety of information, from the number of type faces which have been created by any given country, the evolutions or revival of a specific typeface, to the historical typographic context that surrounds each type designer. All is explained through the medium of interactive infographics and articles.



  • Grand Laus. The best among Gold awards. Student category Design | Laus Awards, 2013.
  • Gold medal. The best among Silver awards. Student category Design | Laus Awards, 2013.
  • First Prize Student category Design | Col·lectiu Muuu, 2012.


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