Hazel Dormouse

| In collaboration with: Berkshire Mammal Group, People's Trust for Endangered Species and Zoological Society of London

| Acknowledgements: Amanda Lloyd, John Dobson, Derek Crawley and Ruth Brandt

| Published: 2015

| Tasks: Illustration and Information Design

This British mammal caught my attention from the very outset. Its adorable-looking, the fact that it hibernates and most of all, their risk of extinction, were the reasons that made me choose this animal as the subject matter of my infographic project. This project was developed during a course tutored by Fernando G. Baptista (Senior Graphics Editor for National Geographic). All the information and data are revised and verified thanks to the expert help of Amanda Lloyd, Ian White and Gabriela Peniche.

We've produced what we feel is a very informative and succinct infographic on the hazel dormouse. Please feel free to download, read and share! We hope you enjoy it.